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Coffee Stained Books

I shattered someone’s heart at 0:00am and it’s her birthday. What have I done. A drop of fury and a ripple of sadness. There are many days I have disliked myself but today I hate myself to death.

I am a beast living in a human vessel.

  • i-am-no-1 said: I understand, my dear. I am here if you ever need someone. I’m sorry things are rough, but I do the exact thing x 
  • toinfinitybeyondeternity said:take all the time you need to heal. 😌 
  • eraintrx said: People don’t recover the same way. Tell them that you just need more time. Sending hugs and love to you!

Thank you ladies. I appreciate the support from the bottom of my heart and likewise I am always here to help. Have a lovely day/night.

Why do people have to misunderstand that wanting to be alone is a bad thing. I know it worries some people around me as I’ve gone through depression twice and during that time I somehow managed to not leave my house for months and be all gloomy like a haunted ship. But that isn’t me now. 

Yeah I am in a melancholy state, I’m heartbroken, I’m hurt but I now know it will eventually pass off. I’m not giving up. I can’t give up and I should not and I don’t want to give up. 

I just wish people will understand that sometimes people like me need to be alone once in awhile. On the other hand, I see where they are coming from. They are just worried that I’ll end up swimming in my melancholy state and retreat back to my hermit life again.

Oh God.

If it hadn’t rain, I wouldn’t have known how to appreciate a roof over my head.If it weren’t for the fights I have been through, I wouldn’t have learned how to survive.If it weren’t for the falls and setbacks I faced in the past, I wouldn’t have challenged myself to get up today.
— coffeestainedbooks